My approach to sessions is casual, light-hearted, and always from a Boss Babe's perspective. I want these images to bring a smile to your face every time you see them. But even more than that, I want you to have the confidence to show up in your business!

Most of our clients meet us for the first time online. Let's not leave them with outdated snapshots as they make their first impression. It is my job to provide you with more than just photos, but an experience from inquiry through delivery. I will guide you the entire process, providing you with an experience you'll look forward to time over time.

Hey babe!

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+ married to my college sweetheart.

+ momma of two kiddos, I have the best of both worlds with one boy & one girl.

+ I am an Air Force military brat, I have moved over 24 times! 

+ I currently reside in Oviedo, FL (just outside of Orlando).
+ I'm an introverted extrovert. It actually takes some effort for me to come out of my shell.

+ I love being behind the camera & capturing life for my clients.

quick facts about me

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my style

Lifestyle, true to life is my style.
I love to capture photos in natural sunlight. 

If I'm capturing in studio, outdoors, or on location, I search for the sunlight - big bay windows or large patio doors are a dream.

simple lifestyle

my design style

Malibu & coke. 

Have you tried it?!  If not, I highly recommend.  It's cool & refreshing when poolside or at the beach.  But can help take the edge off on one of "those" days, you know what I'm talking about. 

happy hour drink

my go to

I love looking at a picture and going back to that moment in time.  I have been a photographer since little, I have boxes of photos from my younger years. One day a friend asked me to capture their brother's wedding and my professional career began. A few years ago I started my transition into Branding Photography and it just lights me up!  Collaborating with Boss Babes pursuing their dream life, helping them discover their confidence on camera and to show up in their business is just so fulfilling.


why i became a

When I think of summer I think of extended family time & fun.  Endless hours at the pool, days finding fun things to do, cuddles on the couch staying up late & watching movies, weekend getaway trips to the beach.  Summer means family fun.!

is summer

my favorite season

I love to travel, I've been blessed to get to go to many places throughout the world.  It's hard to say which is my favorite I wish I could list numerous, so I'll settle for 2.  In the states it's Breckenridge/Keystone, CO. The air, the mountain views, the little ski towns - it's just breathtaking!  Outside of the states, if I had to choose I'd say my favorite place to visit is Magens Bay in Saint Thomas.  There is just something about the beautiful, clear water, pristine white sand and gorgeous shoreline filled with palm trees...

place to visit

my favorite

My full name is Jocelyn, but really just call me Jo, I most often respond to "mama" from one of two little loves.  I love taking pictures, even if i don't have my professional camera I love to capture moments - it's amazing what you can capture with phones these days.  I want to remember all of the little details during this time, they may seem insignificant, but goodness as the years fly by I love looking back & seeing the little moments.  

Although I take photos constantly, I still don't find selfies or self portraits enough for when I am marketing my own business so I schedule a branding photo session with a professional photographer several times a year.  Why, because I want to show up as a professional in my business. I want someone to capture my true essence so I can reach my ideal clients and sometimes tripods and working with timers just doesn't cut it.  Feel the same?  Let me capture your true essence and help you connect with your ideal clients.  Now is the time.

Just a tad bit more about me

Orlando Branding photographer

 Orlando branding photographer 

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